Shelving Installation Northern Virginia

Shelving Installation in Northern Virginia

Built-in shelving can add a touch of sophistication and functionality to any room or closet. While bulky pieces of furniture may seem like the simpler way to go, shelving offers a timeless look that is also very practical. At TSquare, our handymen are skilled in custom shelving installation and can turn virtually any space in your home into a functional, sleek storage space.

Bathroom Shelving

Every Northern Virginia homeowner dreams of a giant bathroom with endless amounts of storage and counter space. Unfortunately, this dream is not a reality for most, however there are ways to make the most of your current space. Installing creative shelving in your bathroom can take limited cabinet space and create a whole new area to keep common bathroom products. Whether you need a styling tile shelf in your shower, or you’d like shelving to the left and right of your mirror, we can accommodate almost any bathroom shelving job you desire.

Bedroom Shelving

The bedroom is a room where we often store most of our personal belongings, but many homeowners run into the issue of limited storage space. Built-in shelving is a great way to maximize the space in your bedroom, while organizing your belongings in a stylish and thoughtful way. There are many types of shelving that can help organize your items. Display shelving is great for photos, artwork, and other personal keepsakes that you don’t have surface space for. Closet shelving is less decorative, but equally as stylish and functional. Our craftsmen at TSquare Handyman can customize your shelving to meet your needs, turning an ordinary closet or bedroom with outdated storage space into a functional and efficient space.

Custom Bookcase Installation

The family room or office is the perfect space to install a custom, built-in bookcase. This allows for an open concept that is both functional and sleek. Rather than choosing a bulky piece of furniture, a built-in bookcase does not detract from the space of the room and oftentimes adds to the resale value of the home.

Commercial Shelving Installation

Professional shelving installation is especially necessary for retail stores and professional offices. Whether you are looking for something to display your accolades and awards, or you need shelving to hold merchandise, our team of expert carpenters can ensure that the shelves we install are sturdy, tasteful, and built to last.

Why TSquare?

At TSquare Handyman, our process has been tested and trusted throughout the 30+ years we have been serving Northern Virginia homes.  Our many repeat customers and strong referrals speak to our consistent customer satisfaction and dedication to perfection. Our team is made up of experienced craftsmen that will make sure each project is completed and that the job is done right. Schedule a handyman today!

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