Mudroom Renovation Northern Virginia

Mudroom Renovation in Northern Virginia

An ideal mudroom is a well-designed space with shelving, hardware, sitting areas, and cabinetry that creates organization and efficiency without sacrificing style. Usually located in a transitional area of the home, the main goal is to allow quick access for those coming in and out of the house. The ultimate purpose of a mudroom is to offer a way to organize clutter that typically would just be left in a mess by the door. There are many essential elements of a mudroom that our handymen at TSquare can help create, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free estimate. Let us turn your mudroom into something special.

Custom-Built Cabinetry

Every home’s mudroom space is different, and many demand custom cabinetry. Custom cabinetry and shelving create a look and feel of installed furniture, and can be design to match the style of the rest of the home. Our craftsmen can create a personalized layout that has just the enough storage space for you and your family, while simultaneously designing a stylish and functional space.

Open Storage

Open storage offers easy access to items that are used daily, like coats, purses, shoes, and car keys. This open storage concept is meant to make the transition from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa, seamless. These open storage spaces often include designated cubbies for shoes and small belongings, like sunglasses or gloves, that are meant to help minimize clutter and prevent misplaced items.

Bench Area

Let’s not forget the importance of a bench in the mudroom. A smartly-integrated bench area provides a place for putting on and removing shoes and boots, while also providing useful storage space underneath. Typically, mudrooms are fairly small, so it is important to utilize as much area of the room for storage space. The area below the bench is a great place to keep shoes organized and out of the way.

Mudroom Flooring

On icy winter days and rainy summer afternoons, shoes can track in a hefty amount of water and mud into the house. This is where the term “mud room” gets its name. It is essential that the flooring in this space can withstand a large amount of wear and tear. Tiling is a popular choice among Northern Virginian homeowners because it is easy to clean and maintain. Our expert craftsmen can advise you on what flooring is most appropriate for your space, or repair existing flooring that has been damaged.

Why TSquare?

At TSquare Handyman, our process has been tested and trusted throughout the 30+ years we have been serving Northern Virginia homes.  Our many repeat customers and strong referrals speak to our consistent customer satisfaction and dedication to perfection. Our team is made up of experienced craftsmen that will make sure each project is completed and that the job is done right. Schedule a handyman today!

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