Lighting Installation Northern Virginia

Lighting Repair and Installation in Northern Virginia

The type of lighting you have in your home is something that most homeowners don’t think twice about, however it can really set the mood of a room. Spotlighting a favorite piece of artwork can add dimension to a typical hallway. Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen can make for a modern yet subtle atmosphere. Even the brightness and color of your lightbulbs can play a huge factor in the aesthetics of your home. If you want to upgrade your current lighting, or are having issues and need lighting repaired, our master craftsmen at TSquare are here for you. We have extensive experience in electrical work, and can install or repair any kind of lighting, including: recessed lights, LED lights, and dimmer switches.

Lighting Installation: Recessed lights

Recessed lighting is an absolute necessity in most Northern Virginia homes. It provides a way to practically light up a room, without sacrificing style or functionality. Recessed lighting also makes a room look bigger because nothing hangs down to interrupt the visual space of the room. This sleek, stylish, and timeless lighting is an attractive option for many homeowners for that reason. There are many sizes and styles of recessed light fixtures to choose from, and our craftsmen can help you decide which option is the best for your home. Contact a handyman at TSquare today for recessed lighting installation and repair!

Lighting Installation: LED Lights

LED lights have many advantages. Not only do they consume less electricity than the traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, but they also are a directional light source. This means that they emit light in a specific direction and therefore can more efficiently stay bright while simultaneously using less energy. LED lights are also safer than most other light bulbs because they prevent heat build-up, thereby reducing air conditioning costs in the home. There are many advantages to installing LED lights, so let our professionals help you get on your way to saving energy and improving the look of your light fixtures!

Lighting Installation: Dimmer Switch

A dimmer light switch provides adjustable voltage to a light fixture that allows homeowners to control the brightness of the light. A room’s lighting is one of the first things you notice when you enter it, so it is important to be able to have control over how bright or dim it is, depending on the setting.  Even better, dimming a light can save you tons of energy, thereby reducing your energy bill. Save time, and reduce your energy bill. Let one of our professionals install dimmer switches in your home!

Why TSquare?

At TSquare Handyman, our process has been tested and trusted throughout the 30+ years we have been serving Northern Virginia homes.  Our many repeat customers and strong referrals speak to our consistent customer satisfaction and dedication to perfection. Our team is made up of experienced craftsmen that will make sure each project is completed and that the job is done right. Schedule a handyman today!

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