Deck Repair Northern Virginia

Deck Repair in Northern Virginia

Decks allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the warm Northern Virginia months. They are a great place to throw summer parties, barbecues, and family get-togethers. Decks also increase the square footage of your home by extending usable space for activities like eating, relaxing, and grilling. A deck provides your backyard space with endless possibilities, so it is important to maintain its condition. If you have had your deck for many years, it probably needs some repair work. Deck boards may need to be replaced, the structure may need to be reinforced, or the surface may need to be stained or power washed. At TSquare Handyman, we understand the attachment and love that many homeowners have for their decks. Let us get it ready for the warm weather and repair it to be as good as new. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

Deck Staining

A great way to improve the look of your deck without replacing floor boards is to get your deck professionally stained. Our expert craftsmen can help you choose the best stain for your deck, and do all the appropriate prep- and post-work to ensure that your stain is long-lasting. Let us restore your deck and enjoy it in time for the warm weather.

Deck Board Replacement

Decks that have undergone a lot of wear and tear over the years oftentimes require deck board replacements. Rather than replacing the entire deck, our handymen will only replace boards that truly are too damaged to restore. One the proper boards are identified and replaced, then we will work with you to stain the new boards to match the pre-existing boards.

Deck Power Washing

The deck or patio is a unique space where people can sit with a good book, cook burgers on the grill, or gather for an end-of-the-week celebration. Because they are outdoor spaces, decks and patios are often at the mercy of the elements, and long-time exposure to lots of rain, hot sun, or even snow can take its toll. If your family uses the deck or patio often, the wear and tear can really add up. When your deck or patio has seen better days, power washing is an efficient way to give it a face lift! Power washing is safe for a wide variety of flooring types. Wooden planks, concrete, stone, slate tile, and more can be cleaned by power washing. TSquare Handyman will take care when power washing your deck or patio and will help you get ready for your next cookout.

Deck Installation

Some decks are past the point of repair and need to be completely replaced or refinished. If you are looking for a brand new deck, or a complete deck remodel, then visit our home renovations website,, for more information!

Why TSquare?

At TSquare Handyman, our process has been tested and trusted throughout the 30+ years we have been serving Northern Virginia homes.  Our many repeat customers and strong referrals speak to our consistent customer satisfaction and dedication to perfection. Our team is made up of experienced craftsmen that will make sure each project is completed and that the job is done right. Schedule a handyman today!

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