What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Exterior Trim Painting Services

What to Keep in Mind When Hiring Exterior Trim Painting Services

As spring approaches, you may be reminded of all the outdoor home upkeep commitments you will be taking on again. Maybe consider giving the external wall and trim of your house a new coat of paint as it will further improve your home’s appearance and property value. Follow the shifts in the season and let a professional retouch or paint a new color onto your home’s exterior to create a refreshing appearance, which will save you more time and allow you to relax.  


Our craftsmen at TSquare Handyman in Northern VA will treat your home with the utmost care. We understand that no two homes are the same and will provide custom exterior trim painting services according to every preference and need that you may have. Before hiring a professional exterior painting professional, here are a few details you should keep in mind:

Check Their Qualifications

When you are looking to hire a potential painting service, verify that they have the appropriate licenses for their business and insurance for their employees. Any legitimate home improvement business can easily show proof that they fulfill these requirements. Also, check to see if they provide warranties for their work as this will ensure you get the highest quality of work possible from them. When you find a company that possesses each of these needs, you know that you found a company that sets itself to the highest standard.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to begin a dialogue with your prospective painting specialist. A professional and experienced painter will address any concerns and inquiries you may have. As you are the potential client, they should be willing to have an open conversation with you and answer any questions that you have.

How They Prepare Your Home

The way a professional painter prepares your home before they begin painting the exterior can show you the quality of service they provide. Choosing a contractor that promises a quick job may not necessarily result with a quality product compared to in-house employees like at TSquare Handyman, that often maintain a careful and detail-oriented process. This shows you that they genuinely care about the quality of work that they provide their clients.

Product Knowledge

Find out what painting supplies they would use for your house. A professional would recommend higher-quality paints, valuing a long-lasting paint job rather than a quick and easy finish.

Previous Customer Experiences

When deciding on hiring exterior painting services, be sure to research their business online or request a list of past references. Having several positive customer referrals is another good sign that a painting service is consistent and reliable. Scheduling an in-person consultation will give you a better idea of their service standard and professionalism.    

Additional Exterior Painting Services

Our team at TSquare Handyman also offers exterior wall painting and trim repairs in addition to trim painting. This includes the trimming surrounding your windows or the fascia along the sides of your roof, which will greatly contribute to enhancing your home’s overall design for the better.

Professional Exterior Trim Painting Services in Northern VA

Turn heads and increase your curb appeal with a new coat of paint to the exterior of your home! With TSquare Handyman, you can rest assured that our expert craftsmen will provide you with excellent, affordable exterior trim painting services. We have worked on a variety of homes and businesses and are well-versed in selecting the precise kind of paint that matches your style preferences and budgeting needs.

No matter what exterior painting services you need, our team will be able to surpass your expectations. Contact TSquare Handyman at 703-879-2636 for a free estimate on professional exterior trim painting services today!

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