What A Wheelchair Ramp Can Do For Your Home

Installing a wheelchair ramp on your property for family members who are physically disabled or elderly will provide them with a variety of benefits, such as more freedom and safety. A ramp allows those who use scooters or wheelchairs to easily access steps, doorways, sliding doors and much more. These ramps can even be placed inside of your home to further improve accessibility. Allow a professional to help you with your wheelchair ramp installation to ensure it’s properly integrated into your home.


Here are five reasons why wheelchair ramps can be beneficial in your home:

1. Boosts Mobility

Wheelchair ramps allow the physically disabled and elderly to come and go as they please, allowing them more freedom and independence even as they age.


This is also important because these ramps significantly reduce their chances of experiencing any injuries or accidents.


If your loved one lives alone, then they may greatly benefit from a wheelchair ramp and will grant you peace of mind knowing they’ll be safe.

2. A Variety of Materials

Ramps come in a variety of different materials such as aluminum, steel, pressure-treated wood, and even rubber.


Due to the variety, ramps can offer an aesthetically pleasing element to your home. For instance, wooden ramps go great alongside a deck or patio, which only accentuates its overall beauty and accessibility.

3. Quick & Easy Installation

Whether you desire a mobile or built-in ramp, its installation can align closely with your preferences. This feature doesn’t require as much materials and labor as many other similar home features do.

4. More Convenient

Not only will a ramp be more convenient for your loved ones, but caregivers and other family members may find this feature incredibly beneficial. It can make transporting equipment, furniture, groceries and much easier, as it will save time and effort in managing these particular day-to-day tasks.

5. Improves Property Value

Interestingly enough, ramps offer better resale value and are often seen as more appealing to aspiring homeowners or home buyers who have loved ones that are physically disabled.


With a professionally installed ramp, you could receive more financial benefits from the increased property value.

Choose Professional Wheelchair Ramp Installation in Ashburn, VA!

While there are a variety of home improvements you can make to your home, opting for a wheelchair ramp installation can offer you more advantages like the ones listed above. Allow our team at TSquare Handyman to help you install a custom ramp that matches your needs and aesthetic. With highly-skilled and certified professionals, you can rely on us to provide you with a ramp that exceeds your expectations.


Request an expert handyman and get started today! Call our wheelchair ramp installation team at (703) 879-2636 to schedule a consultation.

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