Top Five Interior Projects to Begin Before the Holidays

Top Five Interior Projects to Begin Before the Holidays

Fall is the perfect time to begin a home interior project since the weather is just right and the holidays are approaching fast. While a new home interior project will increase your home value, it will also enhance your home’s appearance and provide a warm welcome to your holiday house guests. If you are unsure of how to prepare your home for the holidays this year, then starting an interior home improvement project is a great investment. With the right interior handyman services like TSquare Handyman in Northern Virginia, you will be able to get the most out of your home renovation experience. Find which interior project you would like to start this fall with our list of suggestions we have created below.

   1.Front Door Replacement

Replacing your front door with a new door will improve your home’s look and will leave a long-lasting impression on your house guests for the upcoming holidays. Older doors tend to wear over time, which leads to potential heating and cooling leaks and a worn down lock system. A new front door will improve your curb appeal, be more energy-efficient, and will keep your family secure in your home. Not to mention a new door replacement will keep the heat inside and your energy bills low during the colder months!     

   2. Crown Molding

A simple way of upgrading your home’s look is by installing crown molding to your walls. This will give your walls more of an architectural appeal. Crown molding will add an elegant style to your home, which will help prepare your home for family gatherings. It’s recommended that if you are considering having crown molding installed, that it would be best to have it done by a professional interior handyman.

   3. Recessed Lighting

A recessed lighting installation not only increases lighting in your home but it will make it look modern and sleek. This type of lighting is when light fixtures are installed into a ceiling with no excess cords dangling down, which increases your home space. Recessed lighting comes in various styles and homeowners can choose the best fixture that matches their home’s overall appearance. This interior project is perfect for homeowners who wish to obtain a minimalistic look and want more space for visitors to relax this holiday season.

   4. Flooring Repair

A professional flooring repair project is a great way to make your family and house guests feel welcome this holiday season. If you are tired of hearing your floor creak or have worn tiles, then it’s time for a flooring upgrade. Overlooking your flooring’s current state is easy, which is why it’s important to have a professional contractor assess your current floors and see if a full flooring replacement is necessary. A new floor is a necessity that will brighten up your home through all seasons.

   5. Bathroom Remodel

If you need bathroom repairs completed to prep for the holidays, then hiring a professional is your best bet. Professional contractors have the experience to help you choose the best materials at an affordable price and ensures every aspect of your bathroom is installed and secure. A professional bathroom renovation will surely make your home more inviting for all those who visit you for fall and winter festivities and will keep your family comfortable too.

Let TSquare Handyman in Northern Virginia Manage Your Next Home Interior Design Project!

Get your home ready for the upcoming holidays and complete your home improvement goals. Whether you are looking to have your floors repaired, a bathroom remodel, or a wall replaced, we will be able to provide you with quality craftsmanship and save you time and effort of working on it on your own. If you’re considering starting an interior home improvement project this fall season, let interior handyman professionals in Sterling, VA manage the entire process for you! TSquare Handyman is dedicated to providing quality interior remodeling services suited to your needs and will leave you comfortable throughout each season.

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