Signs You Need to Replace Your Bathroom Plumbing

Signs You Need to Replace Your Bathroom Plumbing

Homes tend to age as we do. We usually update their appearance, repainting the walls and replacing our old pieces of furniture with new ones, yet the most significant changes occur within our home’s infrastructure, not on its surface. One example in particular is your plumbing system, which starts to degrade and form defects over the years. There are many signs that appear indicating problems within your plumbing and being able to identify them as soon as they arise can save you trouble later on.


Then, upon hiring a professional home repair service like TSquare Handyman, you will receive an immediate and long-lasting plumbing replacement and repair. Our expert services are known by residents and businesses throughout McLean, VA, and across the Northern Virginia region. Our master craftsmen are able to fix plumbing issues in nearly any area of your home, from the kitchen, basement, and bathrooms of your home. They also work on any type of fixture, such as faucet replacements, showers and quality bathtub repairs, as well as overall remodeling. Here are some signs that you may need work done on your bathroom’s plumbing: 

Old, Damaged Hardware

If you are experiencing issues with properly cleaning faucets and showerheads in your bathroom due to rust and metal pieces chipping off, then it is likely due to the fact that your fixtures have become outdated and well past their prime. This can lead to further issues such as poor, inefficient waterflow, and health issues regarding metal and rust entering your water supply. Therefore, the best course of action is to replace your older fixtures with new ones. 

Leaking and Drainage Issues

Other signs of your need to replace or repair your plumbing and other aspects of your bathroom include an unusual amount of water leaking from your toilet, tub, or the area around your sink, as well as slow or nonexistent water drainage. 


For example, if you notice a pool of water on the floor outside your tub after taking a bath, that is a sign that the sealant around it has corroded and needs to be repaired or replaced.  Also, if you notice that the water in your sink or shower is draining too slowly, or hardly at all, that indicates there is a clog or other defect in your plumbing and may require a repair service. 

Less Pressure and Water Volume Released

If you notice that there is generally less water flow and pressure coming from your faucet or shower, it likely means your pipes have corroded and narrowed. Throughout the years, as water flows through them, the steel pipes that makes up much of your plumbing system with begin to degrade, with the circumference of the pipes getting smaller, allowing less water to flow through into sinks, tubs, and toilets. This issue very often needs a total replacement of the pipes, thus requiring you to hire a plumbing repair expert.

Poor Water Quality

Another sign that you require plumbing replacements in your bathroom is when your water begins to smell odd or appear impure and in different colors. This is likely caused by the increased presence of bacteria and other elements in your water due to a worn-out “sacrificial anode”, a set of steel rods covered aluminum, zinc, or magnesium.  They are stored in your water heater and are meant to attract bacteria and various impurities from entering your pipes as water runs through them but will become much less effective once they were worn out. Therefore, when you notice your water has turned into a rust color or smells awful, it is best to replace your water heater and inspect your pipes for any other damages. 

TSquare Handyman: Expert Bathtub Repair and Plumbing Services in McLean, VA

Be sure to look for these signs regularly in every bathroom in your home or apartment, as catching them early on can save you from further costs of damage that was left unaddressed. At TSquare Handyman, we take a proactive approach in our services, ensuring that additional damages don’t accumulate by performing repairs as soon as possible. We have practiced this approach to the satisfaction of our clients in McLean, VA, and across the Northern Virginia area. This has also been a result of our outstanding record in conducting our wide array of services, including professional bathtub repair and installation, bathroom plumbing replacement, and many more. 


Contact us at (703)-879-2636 for excellent repairs from the best repair service in Northern VA: TSquare Handyman. 

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