Mudroom Storage & Shelving Tips

Mudroom Storage & Shelving Tips

Adding a mudroom is one of the best upgrades you can make to your home. They have recently become among today’s trendiest home additions, a space where homeowners can express a stylistic flair in their home, as well as provide a buffer for their children and pets to get messy before entering the house. A mudroom offers an effective location for additional  storage in your home, as well as extra space in your home.


If you need assistance with your own mudroom renovation, our talented experts at TSquare Handyman provides over 30 years of knowledge and skill that you can rely on. We are a team of home remodeling contractors that have extensive experience designing and creating excellent mudroom shelving, cabinetry, and other furnishings. If you are considering a mudroom renovation, we can help. Below are some of our suggestions on how to utilize mudrooms to their fullest potential:

Transform Your Space Into a Mudroom

A mudroom serves as a buffer between the inside and outside your house, whether it be nearest to your backyard, front door, or garage. You can easily add a mudroom to your home with just a few simple changes. You can transform your old coat closet into a mudroom by removing the doors, opening up the space. Another way to have a mudroom is by adding a bench into the corner of the room and adding hooks above it. Another possible element you can add is a customized shelf with cubbies. There are numerous ways to make certain areas in your home into a mudroom, but what is important is that you change them to fit its particular function and aesthetic.

Less Is More

When it comes to mudrooms, you’ll want it to be minimal in order to create an appearance unique to the rest of your house. One example is using wall hooks to hang up your scarves or jackets on, instead of having a cluttered closet full of hangers. Closets can be an additional element within a mudroom, but the best mudroom styles are more open and accessible which comes from replacing them with hooks.


If you don’t want to add shelves, drawers or cubbies, you can do is use the space beneath a bench or small end table to hold baskets for storage space. For a really creative twist, you can install stylish, makeshift storage containers like a set of mailboxes to hold each person’s belongings. These can act as less spacious cubbies that can be designated for each person in your household.


There are a number of budget-friendly options for a mudroom. If you have a small entryway, then you can repurpose an old dresser or bookshelf. If you find one you like, then you can also customize it to suit your lifestyle best. For example, painting it different colors to match the rest of your house, adding baskets to hold blankets, toys, and shoes, or using the dresser drawers for holding house keys, pet collars or leashes, and mail. Add rugs and hang hooks on the opposite side of the wall to create a uniformed and intentional space.

Work With Mudroom Shelving Experts at TSquare Handyman in Northern VA

Creating a mudroom doesn’t have to be a stressful or overwhelming project. At TSquare Handyman, we offer our customers in the Northern Virginia area with approachable, easy, and affordable mudroom shelving, kitchen updates, and numerous other projects for both the inside and outside of your home. We have spent over thirty years providing only the best of our services to valued customers throughout the Northern VA region, with a high rate of satisfaction. Please contact us at (703)-879-2636 to learn more about our various services and begin your next home improvement project ASAP.

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