Four Signs You Need Bathtub Repair

Four Signs You Need Bathtub Repair

Your bathtub is likely an often-used, but unchecked aspect of your bathroom, and like any other part of the house, it’s important to know what indications there are for needing repairs. At TSquare Handyman, our technicians not only assist homeowners through our numerous services, including professional bathtub repair, kitchen updates, fencing, and many more, but also offer plenty of suggestions and advice on how to maintain and check for signs of disrepair. We have served customers in McLean, VA, as well as throughout Northern VA, for over thirty years, with all of the accumulated knowledge and experience in home improvement to match. Our craftsmen work diligently, quickly, and effectively in completing any home improvement project you may have. Below, we provide some common signs that indicate your bathtub may require repairs:


As the presence of water causes small amounts of degradation on certain objects over long periods of time, your bathtub may tend to form leaks. To solve this, first check if there are any leaks by plugging up the drain of your bathtub, then filling it with water. If any water seeps out of the bathtub, trace where it is coming from, mark it, and consider what you can do to plug it up. Though there is plenty you can do yourself, our repair services can provide a more permanent and lasting solution.

Mold & Mildew

Aside from filling up your bathtub, another sign of a potential leak in a bathtub is the presence of mold or mildew around it. Not only is its appearance unseemly in one’s bathroom, it can lead to harmful and irritable effects on inhabitants, including allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses, so it’s crucial that you remove it as soon as possible.

Pipe Knocking

Another sign that you may need repairs for your bathtub is if you feel a strong vibration or hear a persistent knocking sound when you release the bathtub or shower faucet. This means that there may be loose valves in your pipe system or water pressure is too high, which can further damage other areas of your plumbing system. Therefore, if you notice a knocking in your bathtub, you should receive repairs from a professional repair service soon, as leaving this issue unchecked can result in disastrous leaks or damaged plumbing.

Slow Drainage

Finally, during your next bath or shower, pay attention to how fast the water drains away. If it is noticeably slower than you are used to, then there is likely an issue with your bathtub’s drainage. Although the cause is commonly a clog, sometimes slow drainage is caused by a broken pipe, which could mean there is excess water building up behind your walls. While fixing a clog is as simple as pouring cleaner or boiling water down your bathtub drain, if the issue persists, you should contact an expert as soon as you can.

TSquare Handyman: Dependable Bathtub Repair in McLean, VA

Keeping your bathroom, including the bathtub, in top shape certainly plays into taking care of your plumbing system, and thus the overall well-being of your home, and you can ensure this by checking for the signs listed above. Some involve cases that can be solved by your hand, but in more severe cases, call on a trustworthy bathtub repair service like TSquare Handyman. For over thirty years, customers throughout McLean, VA and Northern Virginia have depended on our numerous home improvement services, from indoor carpentry projects to outdoor repairs and additional construction. Contact us at 703-879-2636  to learn more about our various home improvement services and to schedule an appointment with one of our expert craftsman.


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