Five Trending Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

Five Trending Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

It’s always exciting to recreate and renew the most familiar spaces in your home, especially your bedroom. Extensive renovations such as closet space expansions and master bathroom remodels could transform it completely. However, there are primary aspects to consider before you perform them, specifically choosing the basic color scheme of your entire bedroom, from the walls and ceilings, to the decoration and furnishings.

To make your remodel simple and stress-free, hire a professional home improvement service such as TSquare Handyman. Our expert craftsmen perform a number of exterior and interior home improvement services, including living room and bathroom updates, fencing and deck repair, as well as reliable bedroom painting services. In McLean, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia, TSquare Handyman is known as a trusted name in home improvement. Here are some color scheme suggestions for your next remodel: 

Forest Green/Earth Brown

There is nothing more comforting and inviting than these two naturalistic colors coming together. The inner spirit of Virginia’s beauty comes from the complement of forest green and rich, earthy brown. Recreating your bedroom to reflect it will surely bring both peace and pleasure, and like any forests, will only grow if you provide more natural light. 


Another color scheme that is widely recognized as highly modern and timelessly fashionable is the contrast of black and white. Yet, with a jolt of vibrant red, your living space becomes a space filled with energy and inspiration. Your bedroom could become the liveliest place to wake up to every morning with this color scheme and is incredibly easy to design your furnishings and décor around. 


Yet another naturalistic dual color scheme is beautiful sky blue and brilliant snow white, which match together to create a fresh, clean look to your bedroom. And, with the right lighting, you can create a bright atmosphere, like a plain of snow on a sunny day. Complementing it further with earthy elements such as wood flooring and furniture can help keep its everlastingly sustained beauty. 


While these colors are often matched together for space such as infant nurseries, pinks and light grays can also be utilized to produce a classic, vintage feel to your bedroom. Unlike nurseries, this look does not require the pinks to be too saturated, but rather pale, as if paint and matching furnishings have faded over time. Throw in some hints of cream white and gold to further appeal to this understated, antique style in your bedroom. 

Green-Blue/Cream White

Finally, one of the most dynamic color schemes follows furthermore from the theme of colors found in nature. A creamy white can evoke the soft tones of clouds in the afternoon, matched with the green-blue aqua found in warm, tropical island water, easily inspiring one to feel like their bedroom is by the seaside. 

Get a Transformative Bedroom Painting from TSquare Handyman in McLean, VA

The color scheme of any room is among the first choices you have to make in order to decide on what style the rest of its elements will reflect. Fortunately, there are numerous complements and contrasts between colors that can allow you to produce truly unique styles for your bedroom. Furthermore, if you are considering refreshing the style of your bedroom, consider working with a team of home improvement experts for an excellent bedroom painting, or other interior project. 

Throughout McLean, VA, and Northern Virginia, our highly trained professionals at TSquare Handyman have proven the quality of their services at both residences and commercial properties. We have spent over thirty years working in the home improvement industry and are dedicated to giving our best to our clients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our handymen today!

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