5 Elements That Make Your Home Look Dated

We all want to keep up with the latest trends, even with our own home designs. However, we often find that our homes contain some outdated aspects, and they are often difficult to remove. Additionally, updates also require replacing old elements with modern features, which takes both time and skill to pull off effectively.


With TSquare Handyman, our team can provide expert craftsmen who can easily replace old and defunct components of your home. We offer numerous home improvement services such as kitchen and bathroom updates, interior painting, and high-quality carpentry services. Our friendly and efficient service has satisfied many clients throughout McLean, VA, and Northern Virginia.


Below, we describe some outdated aspects of interior design that you may want to update in your home:

Wood Panel Walls

One element that has fallen out of style is 60’s and 70’s era wood paneling. While it may have seemed rustic and homely in its day, these days it’s outmoded by modern styles.


If you admire the use of wood but want your interior design to feel current, consider hiring a contractor like TSquare Handyman to install wainscoted walls. This modern alternative to wood paneling incorporates square and rectangular woodwork to create an elegant symmetry in your interior space.

Glass Block Windows

Another obsolete element are glass block windows, which were popular in the 40’s, and later in the 80’s and 90’s, but have since become dated due to their lack of functionality and jarring aesthetic.


One architect states that glass blocks are used as a visual obstruction, likening it to “glaucoma.” Their blockiness disrupts any sort of geometric flow within a room’s design.


In addition to that, The Spruce singles out the lack of advantages that glass blocks bring to your home’s structure, since they cannot be built into load-bearing walls. So, it is no surprise that a material that has no advantages to its form or function is now out of style.

Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

Between the late 70’s and early 90’s, floor-to-ceiling mirrors were especially popular for its ability to increase the sense of interior space and light. They created a brighter and larger appearance to a given space.


These days, walls, hallways, and even bathrooms covered with floor-to-ceiling mirrors are considered excessive. They appear antiquated according to the sleek, minimalistic style that’s popular in modern designs.


The best thing you can do is have a professional remove them, leaving one or two panels that provide an adequate function for you to check your appearance before heading out.

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are a mistake in the first place. Or rather, they cover up the flaws that home builders made when installing ceiling drywall such as uneven surfaces, visible nail dimples, and sagging seams.


Most homeowners aren’t fans of popcorn ceilings simply because they appear similar to blemishes. Furthermore, it makes rooms look unfinished and it may not mesh well with modern decor elements. However, it can easily be refinished by a home improvement specialist.

Vintage Wallpaper

Finally, wallpaper is found to be among the most outdated elements in home design. We’ve all seen wallpapers with noisy patterns and odd color schemes. These aspects are often the reasons why wallpapers overwhelm the rest of a room’s decor.


Plus, wallpapers simply do not fit modern designs, which are minimalist and streamlined. To stay up-to-date, remove the wallpapers and paint the walls with different color patterns to match the room’s decor and furniture.

TSquare Handyman: Quality Carpentry Services in McLean, VA

There are always parts of your home that you’ll want to change or update, but hopefully the list above helps you identify where to start. At TSquare Handyman, our highly-trained and certified contractors are ready to help you take on your next home improvement project. We provide expertise in custom carpentry services, bedroom renovations, basement repair, and more. We have assisted many clients in McLean and throughout the DC Metro area with updating and fixing their homes to match their needs and vision.


Contact us today at (703) 879-2636 for more information about our services and get a free estimate.


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