3 Signs That Show Your Floors Need Repair

3 Signs That Show Your Floors Need Repair

Hardwood, ceramic, and slate tile floors will last a long time, but will eventually need repairs or replacement. While there may be more obvious indications that your floor may need repairs, it’s important to be aware of the initial signs of damage that require professional repairs in order to ensure they last.


At TSquare Handyman, our team of experts are able to perform numerous interior home improvement projects, including quality flooring repair, basement remodeling, bathroom updates, and more. Throughout  Ashburn, VA, as well as Northern Virginia, we have helped maintain our customers’ homes in excellent condition for over thirty years.  


Here are just a few signs that your floors need to be repaired: 

Visible Damage

Flooring damage can be both dangerous and unattractive. For example, rotted hardwood floors can lead to cracking and exposed planks. Fixing cracked floors is especially important with pets or small children running around the house. 


Another visible repair you may need to consider is water damage. Water-damaged floors or carpets can lead to further rot, mold, and mildew.   


Creaky floorboards in older homes are another indication that they are in need of repairs. Although most homeowners often brush it off as just another attribute of an older house, these noises can be telltale signs that something is wrong beneath your floor and may require you to repair or replace them.

Warped Hardwood

If your home has hardwood floors, planks are susceptible to warping. Warping is caused by excess moisture being absorbed into the wood, which is often brought on by hot and humid weather. If you see that your hardwood floor has been warped, a professional can visit your home to determine the best course of action.  

TSquare Handyman: Expert Floor Repair in Ashburn, VA

Floors can oftentimes be expensive to replace. However, these costs can be avoided by looking out for the signs discussed above and working to maintain the condition of your floors, depending on their material. If you’re in need of professional home improvement services and live in Ashburn, VA or within the Northern Virginia area, then TSquare Handyman can help. We provide services including restorative flooring repair, as well as indoor and outdoor updates, remodels, replacements, and repairs for commercial businesses and homeowners. 

Contact us at (703) 879-2636 for more information on our services and schedule an appointment with one of craftsmen today!

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